3 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are some common mistakes people make when designing their bathroom that might make the bathroom a little less of an escape and more of a burden. By being aware of these design mistakes, you can avoid having a bathroom that is more of a burden than a peaceful oasis. 1. Positioning Everything Too Close One mistake people make is putting the toilet too close to the shower and the area they get ready. Read More 

How To Give Your Bathroom An Elegant Look

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Whether you are just adding a bathtub or whether you are making huge changes, here are some ideas that can give our remodeled bathroom an elegant look. Adding Space - Is your bathroom the size of a postage stamp? Even if that's an exaggeration, having more space can be a real plus. Are you willing to give up closet space to have a bigger bathroom? Perhaps there's a hallway that could be incorporated into the bathroom area, or maybe you'll even be happy to part with some of the space in your bedroom. Read More 

Cottage Living Room Design Ideas

Any standard living room can be transformed with cottage style. Cottage d├ęcor includes incorporating a softer palette with either florals or subtle stripes. The character of the cottage living room is relaxed but chic. Decorate the living room with your version of cottage style. Color Palette The foundation of your design style is the color palette. For your cottage living room, Better Homes and Gardens suggests starting with a neutral white. Read More 

Want A Great Towel Rack? Create An Easy Bamboo Ladder

If you're remodeling your bathroom, you are likely having a great time looking through all the various finishes to outfit the space. Towel racks are likely on your list. If you want something a little more stylish than the ones that you hang on the wall, you can make a stand-up towel rack if you have the space in the form of a bamboo ladder to rest against the wall. This guide explains how this is done. Read More 

Shopping For The Perfect Area Rug In Cleveland OH

A few months ago, I started thinking about ways to spruce up my living room. I really wanted to add a splash of color and brightness, and so I looked around for Cleveland OH area rugs. I thought about what I needed, and I decided that most importantly I would need something that would be able to stand up to my children. They are constantly making large messes, and so I started checking to see what I could find that would really last for a long time. Read More