Cottage Living Room Design Ideas

Any standard living room can be transformed with cottage style. Cottage décor includes incorporating a softer palette with either florals or subtle stripes. The character of the cottage living room is relaxed but chic. Decorate the living room with your version of cottage style.

Color Palette

The foundation of your design style is the color palette. For your cottage living room, Better Homes and Gardens suggests starting with a neutral white. The airy hue gives the casual ambiance typical of beachfront bungalows and lakeside cabins. If you don't fancy a monochromatic look, add just one more color to the palette. A pastel turquoise channels a beach side cottage, while a minty green speaks more of a lakeside cabin.

Comfortable Furniture

The next foundational element of cottage design comes in selecting comfortable furniture. Think an overstuffed sofa and chairs in your target color scheme. Choose one of the furniture pieces for a subtle pattern, either a gentle floral or striping. For tables, white baseboard is a classic, though vintage painted pieces work well, too.

Plantation Shutters

For the windows, plantation shutters are an attractive and efficient choice. Plantation shutters are similar to blinds in that they feature louvers. However, the shutters are affixed to your windows, and the louvers are wider. The wide louvers are more efficient for controlling how much light comes into the room. For cottage style, white wood is the most traditional. White plantation shutters on your windows help promote the airy ambiance typical of cottage design.

Layered Lighting

Layering your lighting works best in the living room. Of course, the base is a central light. A casual chandelier is a charming addition, though vintage pendant lights look lovely, too. Next, dot the room with lamps that look like flea market finds. Place the lamps both to illuminate task areas and to create mood lighting. Finally, if your living room is big, consider a vintage-feel wall sconce to add a last layer of light. The wall sconce should give off more light than the lamps but less than the overhead light.

Vintage Décor

The accent pieces of your living room are what set it apart. Which pieces you choose depend on the style of cottage you're channeling. For instance, if you want your living room to feel like you should see the ocean outside, opt for nautical decorations. Set candles wrapped in sailor's rope around with starfish, sea glass and even driftwood. For a more country cottage feel, consider flowery designs, such as a framed botany print or a vase of fresh roses. Whatever décor style, try to find unique items that offer a vintage feel.

Vintage pieces, plantation shutters, and comfortable furniture work together to give your living room the charm of a favorite vacation cottage. For more information on plantation shutters, check out a company like Blinds And Designs Of Florida.