How To Give Your Bathroom An Elegant Look

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Whether you are just adding a bathtub or whether you are making huge changes, here are some ideas that can give our remodeled bathroom an elegant look.

Adding Space - Is your bathroom the size of a postage stamp? Even if that's an exaggeration, having more space can be a real plus. Are you willing to give up closet space to have a bigger bathroom? Perhaps there's a hallway that could be incorporated into the bathroom area, or maybe you'll even be happy to part with some of the space in your bedroom. If it's any way feasible, an experienced contractor will be able to help you find the space you need.

Making Basic Selections - If you are wanting elegance, think about selecting tile or marble for your floor. If you would rather have a hardwood floor, just remember that it will require more maintenance than tile or marble. If you go with wood, it would be smart to have thick area rugs or bathroom mats to put anywhere there will be water. Besides your shower and bathtub, that includes mats in front of the bathroom sinks. Marble countertops would be a great choice to add a feeling of formality to the bathroom. No matter the color you have chosen for your cabinets, selecting fancy hardware for them will also add to the elegant look you want. Brass, pewter and crystal are all dressy choices. An antique claw-foot bathtub, or a replica would add drama to the room. If you have the space, think about adding a large walk-in shower with several shower heads that will create the feel of being in a waterfall.

Extra Touches - As you select the home decor for your remodeled bathroom, consider borrowing ideas from a formal dining room or living room. For example, a crystal chandelier or an ornate brass or pewter one like you would have in a living or dining room would be great in an elegant bathroom. A small occasional table placed next to the bathtub would be a wonderful place to stack luxurious bath towels. Framed paintings would definitely add drama and elegance to the room. Consider selecting heavy gold frames like those you would find in an art gallery or a museum. Don't forget to wipe them off when you're cleaning the bathroom, so that the paintings won't be damaged by water.

A great final touch would be to have a music system so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you enjoy your new bathroom.

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