3 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are some common mistakes people make when designing their bathroom that might make the bathroom a little less of an escape and more of a burden. By being aware of these design mistakes, you can avoid having a bathroom that is more of a burden than a peaceful oasis.

1. Positioning Everything Too Close

One mistake people make is putting the toilet too close to the shower and the area they get ready. When creating your bathroom oasis is to think about the placement of the toilet. You want to keep the toilet away from the bathtub if you can. Having the sink and toilet on one side of the bathroom keeps it away from your Zen time. It's also helpful if you have the sink and toilet outside of where the shower is so someone can use the sink while someone else is in the bathtub meaning the person bathing won't be disturbed.

In general, you want to avoid putting the toilet too close to the sink, either. The last thing anyone wants to feel is squished while they are trying to use the bathroom.

2. Forgetting About Proper Lighting

Another huge bathroom design flaw is dull lighting and not utilizing the natural lighting of windows. You want to have good lighting in your bathroom. You spend a lot of time in this room, so you don't want it to be dark and gloomy. Fortunately, there are several lighting options to consider, including a window.

A window may not be appealing to someone who is concerned with privacy. To feel more comfortable, you can try window films, different types of frosted or textured glass, and window coverings. If you aren't sold on the idea of having a window or there isn't wall space for it, a skylight is another great option.

3. Skimping on Storage

One last mistake people make is not building in enough storage in the bathroom. The designer is so focused on getting the toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower into the room, he/she forgets you need places to put things. Built-in shelving or a mirror with storage hidden behind it are two great options when you don't have a lot of space to work with.

The perfect bathroom needs good lighting, space between the toilet and the bathtub, and ample storage. As long as you keep these three things in mind, you are never going to hate the bathroom in your home. For more information or ideas, contact local interior design firms.