Creating A Focal Point In A Room

A room will feel much more pulled together and will provide an inviting place to relax if you give it a focal point that will draw the eye. A focal point can be a built-in part of the room, like a fireplace or picture window, but it also can be something you create. Read on for ways to identify, enhance, or create a focal point in a room.

Identifying Your Focal Point

Walk into a room and see where your eyes go first. That spot will be the focal point or a natural place to create one. It could be a built-in window seat, an exposed brick wall or a large bay window. If there isn't an architectural focal point in the room, maybe the focal point is a large empty wall. It could even be a large piece of furniture, like a structured couch or an antique armoire. Once you've identified your focal point, it's time to enhance it.

Enhancing Your Focal Point

If the focal point in your room is architectural, try to frame that architectural piece. Frame a large window with long curtains that hang almost from the ceiling. Put tall plants on either side of a fireplace and decorate the mantel with groupings of beautiful things that appeal to you. Finally, orient the furniture in the room toward the focal point so that anyone entering the room will understand immediately where the eye should go.

Creating a Focal Point

If your room doesn't have an architectural feature, it's your chance to get creative and make a focal point. If your focal point is the largest wall in the room, consider painting it a contrasting color or adding some designer wallpaper to that area of the room. Decorate the wall with a grouping of art or one large framed piece. A custom picture framing establishment can help you choose a frame and mat that will complement your piece of art. If you're doing a grouping, talk to a custom picture framing professional about whether to use matching frames or complementary frames that are different, but all in the same color. Use lighting to further enhance your focal point. For example, track lighting installed in the ceiling and pointed toward your focal wall will help draw the eye. 

If your focal point is a large piece of furniture, think of ways to make it stand out. For example, paint the wall behind your piece of furniture in a contrasting color. Use light paint behind a dark piece or dark paint behind a light piece. You also can use track lighting to help make the large piece of furniture stand out.