4 Important Commercial Design Trends

When it comes to styling the interior of a commercial building, you want the interior to feel comfortable, warm and inviting. You don't want the interior to feel sterile and off-putting. Commercial workplaces have moved away from the sterile designs of the past, to more professional and inviting styles. If you are remodeling the interior of your commercial building, here are a few important design trends to consider.

Trend #1: Embrace Deep Tones

When it comes to the colors to use in your commercial space, you want the interior to feel inviting but not too bright. Some of the most popular color tones being used in commercial buildings right now are deep tones, such as deep greens, greys, and charcoals, that are being paired with taupe, ivory, and stone to balance out the deep tones.

These tones are warm and connected to nature, but at the same time, have a professional look to them. Deep tones allow you to ditch the sterile office whites of the past, while still having an overall professional feeling to them.

Trend #2: Have Fun with Geometry

Next, if you want to add a statement piece to your building, consider installing a large geometric pattern. Geometric patterns have been used for a while to create a statement piece; however, they have primarily been used to create small statements, as a small design element. In the future, you can expect to see more large and dramatic geometric patterns used in commercial spaces. This type of artwork can be used to make a statement.

Trend #3: Focus on Comfort

The furniture that you add to the workspace also defines the design of the workplace. When it comes to selecting furniture for the workplace, the comfort of the furniture should be your top concern. You don't want to put in desks and chairs that look great but are not comfortable for the employees to use all day. You want to embrace furniture with ergonomic designs, that are stylish and functional at the same time.

Trend #4: Fun Touches

Office spaces no longer need to be so stark and plain. Add some quirky touches to your design to will make the space unique. For example, you can throw in unique rugs or add some more colorful art pieces. Add fun and color and make your office space unique.

When you redesign your office space, embrace deep tones, have fun with geometry, focus on comfort, and don't be afraid to get personal. If you have more questions about interior design, contact a commercial interior designer near you.