Farmhouse Fresh Ideas for Furnishing and Decorating Your Modern Farmhouse Style Home Office

There are many reasons why the modern farmhouse style remains popular in interior design. Its fresh, relaxing, and homey look evokes memories of a time when life was simpler, which makes it a great theme for a home office. Furnishing and decorating your office with a modern farmhouse style will help you create a space that is simply refreshing and fun to work in.

1. Think white and weathered

When choosing a desk, bookcases, or filing cabinets for your home office, white is always a great choice. However, any light-colored wood furniture will help you achieve a refreshing farmhouse look. You also cannot go wrong with distressed or weathered finishes on furniture.

2. Keep it simple

Look for furniture and décor with simple lines that do not have a lot of ornate design or detail. Furniture and accent pieces should inspire feelings of refreshing and unspoiled simplicity. You should also choose furniture to fit your space to avoid a cluttered appearance, such as selecting a smaller desk and bookcases if your home office is limited on space.

3. Get creative

Consider swapping a desk for a small farmhouse kitchen table if you like to have extra desktop space for working. A farmhouse table will look charming when placed in the center of the room, which will free up more space along the walls for storage and filing. A modern farmhouse style dresser is an attractive option for storing workday essentials and you can transform the dresser top into a coffee or tea station.

4. Farmhouse-style finishing touches

An old metal or tin milk can will make a nice farmhouse-style office trash can. Use baskets or burlap fabric storage bins to store files on a bookcase. Skip traditional desk lamps and choose a country-themed lamp with a ceramic jug for the base. You can also add a buffalo check rug in a neutral shade, such as beige and white for a soothing look or black and white if you want to add a little color to your office. A mason jar will make the perfect vase for a fresh or faux flower bouquet and will add a touch of charming simplicity to a desk or bookcase.

Imagine getting up each morning and going to work in an office you love. The simplistic charm of a modern farmhouse-style home office is sure to make your workday a success. In fact, your updated farmhouse-style office may soon become your favorite room in the house. For more assistance, contact office furniture suppliers like Interior Landscapes.