5 Ways To Make Your New Kitchen More Flexible

Modern kitchens need to perform a variety of functions, ranging from traditional cooking and baking to entertaining and supporting remote jobs. Since most American homeowners cannot simply add as much space as they want to accommodate all this, flexibility is key. How can you make your new kitchen more flexible? Here are five key ways. 

1. Add Flexible Closure. Open floor plan kitchens have grown in popularity for good reasons. But you may not want your dirty kitchen open for all your guests to see all the time. Consider a layout that can be open most of the time but also has a sliding door or other temporary closure when you want it.

2. Avoid Over-Customization. Some customization is a great idea. It provides homes for odd kitchen tools like baking sheets or a large food processor. But the more you customize drawers, shelves, and counter space, the less flexible these are. Keep it simpler so you can put as much as possible to use later. 

3. Install Duplicates. Duplicate sinks, stovetops, or dishwashers allow you to scale your work up or down based on your needs. They also give you the freedom to work efficiently in more areas of the kitchen. You might put a smaller sink near the kitchen entrance, for instance, which could serve as a bar, a cleanup area, or a place for a second cook to work. 

4. Build a Work Desk. Many American homeowners may not realize that kitchens used to come with a desk built right in. The reasons for a kitchen work desk have changed, but they can be an effective addition. Equip the work desk with outlets and charging ports, and add storage for various household activities (like school work versus remote jobs).

5. Consider a Butler's Pantry. A butler's pantry started out as a place for the butler to work and store serving and entertainment ware. But in today's kitchens, it's an all-purpose section that you can customize to whatever you want it to be at any given time. It can be a full secondary kitchen, a storage center, a work desk, a bar, or a staging area for home entertaining. 

Where to Start

What type of flexibility could make your kitchen better than you ever imagined? No matter your goals, budget, or plans, a quality kitchen renovation contractor can help you find out. Make an appointment today to get started. For more information, contact a company like Artisol Design LLC.