Good Traits For A Mobile TV Stand To Have

When you shop for office furniture, you might initially think of desks, chairs, and tables. However, you'll find that most office furniture stores carry a wide range of other pieces of furniture that can come in handy in any office environment. One common example is a mobile TV stand. This wheeled stand holds a TV, which is sold separately, and you may find that your staff uses this piece of furniture in multiple ways. For example, when a team is working on a project together, they might view their presentation on the TV so that they can all see it easily. In this scenario, they'd simply set up the mobile TV stand in the middle of their cubicles or in another workspace. Here are three good traits for your mobile TV stand to have.

Laptop Shelf

Many mobile TV stands are equipped with a shelf that is designed to hold a laptop computer. The presence of this shelf allows your employees to keep the laptop that is running the presentation on the screen handy. They'll simply place the laptop on the shelf, connect the computer to the TV with a wire or wirelessly, and be able to easily make changes to the presentation as they sit in front of the laptop. The laptop shelf also helps to keep things tidy, as it prevents having to run long cables between a computer on a nearby desk and the TV.

Large Wheels

You'll find wheels on the bottom of every mobile TV stand you browse at a local office furniture store, but you may notice that the wheels can vary in size. Larger wheels tend to be a better choice for this type of furniture, as they'll allow your employees to roll the unit with ease. When they encounter a slight change in elevation, such as a piece of trim that divides two floor types, large wheels will have no trouble rolling over the trim. Small wheels may have a little more difficulty.

Tiltable TV Mount

When you shop for this product, make sure that you take note of the mount to which you'll affix a TV. Some of these mounts are tiltable, just like the TV wall mount that you may use in your home. The ability to tilt the angle of the TV will make it easier for people to see. This feature can especially be valuable in rooms that have a lot of windows. In some cases, tilting the TV by just a few degrees can eliminate glare on the screen. Learn more by speaking with a local office furniture supplier.