Scheduling Countertop Installation? 3 Things To Take Care Of Beforehand

Brand-new counters can completely change the ambiance of your kitchen area. In addition to adding a touch of gloss, counters can also significantly impact the value of your real estate and add a splash of color. However, before the big day when your counters go in, you should take care of a few important things. Here are a few tasks to tack onto your to-do list and why.  1. Check the Integrity of the Cabinets Read More 

4 Important Commercial Design Trends

When it comes to styling the interior of a commercial building, you want the interior to feel comfortable, warm and inviting. You don't want the interior to feel sterile and off-putting. Commercial workplaces have moved away from the sterile designs of the past, to more professional and inviting styles. If you are remodeling the interior of your commercial building, here are a few important design trends to consider. Trend #1: Embrace Deep Tones Read More