How An Interior Designer Can Help With Your Home Renovation

When you undertake the big job of renovating your house, you should consider bringing in an interior designer for help and advice. A designer can help decorate your new home, but more importantly, an interior designer helps you plan the new layout in a way that is functional and appealing. Here's how an interior designer can be useful with your renovation. Decide When To Take Out Walls Older homes were often built with several smaller rooms rather than a great room or spacious open kitchen design. Read More 

Creating A Focal Point In A Room

A room will feel much more pulled together and will provide an inviting place to relax if you give it a focal point that will draw the eye. A focal point can be a built-in part of the room, like a fireplace or picture window, but it also can be something you create. Read on for ways to identify, enhance, or create a focal point in a room. Identifying Your Focal Point Read More 

How To Add Style To Your Bathroom Floor

When it comes to interior design, the bathroom is one of the best rooms to invest in. Bathrooms are small, which obviously helps to keep down the overall cost of any design project. However, bathrooms are also closely critiqued and they are major part of the overall valuation of your property. That is, appraisers and home buyers are going to closely look at the state of your bathrooms. It is also worth mentioning that some bathrooms in your house probably get more foot traffic been than the other rooms. Read More 

What’s In A Restaurant? How To Approach Restaurant Design With An Interior Decorator

Restaurant design is pretty standard. Tables, chairs, booths, bars, and counter serving space are the status quo. Yet, what if you want to do something more? What is in a restaurant if you do not have the help of a professional designer from a company like Telesco Associates to make these decisions? An interior decorator/designer can help. His/her primary function is to create unique and enjoyable living spaces, but they can also do commercial spaces too. Read More 

3 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are some common mistakes people make when designing their bathroom that might make the bathroom a little less of an escape and more of a burden. By being aware of these design mistakes, you can avoid having a bathroom that is more of a burden than a peaceful oasis. 1. Positioning Everything Too Close One mistake people make is putting the toilet too close to the shower and the area they get ready. Read More